May 2016

EPIC Series + Atlas Stones = Inseparable

If you know anything about EPIC Series, you know that we enjoy littering our courses with Atlas Stones. When you take on shrugging these stones, you are following in the path of many that have come before you. The Atlas Stone has been a benchmark for strength and prowess for millennia, check out this video… Read more »

EPIC Ambassador Spotlight: Sophia Marie Shikoff

EPIC AMBASSADOR SPOTLIGHT: Sophia Marie Shikoff “I was a competitive figure skater, turned obstacle course racer. My drive and need for new challenges and competition stem from this. EPIC not only feeds those needs, but is also very rewarding. Not to mention the fitfam that comes along with it. The motivation on and off the… Read more »

EPIC Ambassador Spotlight: Roderick Gabriel

EPIC AMBASSADOR SPOTLIGHT: Roderick Gabriel “My name is Roderick Gabriel, I am the Chapter Captain of Team Red, White, And Blue and a coach at Fit2Ripped in San Diego. I have used physical fitness to combat PTSD for many years; it has truly saved my life. Sharing my passion for fitness with others is one… Read more »

Why Kale is EPIC

We all know that kale is good for us–but WHY exactly? This quick article outlines 10 proven reasons kale is awesome, and includes some fun facts you may not have known about kale (did you know 1 cup of raw kale has more Vitamin C than an entire orange??)! ‪#‎beEPIC‬ and eat right to train right!