November 2016

EPIC How-To: Sandbag Thrusters with Sprints

The next challenge we want to break down for you from the ELITE Course is the brand new Sandbag Thruster + Sprint challenge. Our friends Coach Ron and Coach Ryan over at Crossfit Hard Boiled in El Cajon, CA show you the correct sequencing and technique we’ll expect to see at EPIC Series San Diego… Read more »

EPIC How-To: Keg Lunge Walks

We’re getting pumped up for EPIC Series San Diego on December 17th, and we hope you are, too! We’re introducing some new or revised challenges into our ELITE Course this time, and we want to make sure you know what’s coming! We teamed up with Crossfit Boombox North in Escondido, California to help us show… Read more »

EPIC How-To: Handstand Walks

We’re getting ready for EPIC Series San Diego on December 17th, and we’ve thrown in some brand new challenges for the ELITE Course. One of these challenges is the beloved Handstand Walk. Now we know this particular challenge can be a little intimidating or even deterring (we do read your Facebook comments!), but have no… Read more »