Conquering Your First Rope Climb

Editor’s note: This post was written by Bo Francy (EPIC Trainer) and owner of Evolve Nutrition & Fitness in San Diego, CA. As an EPIC athlete are you tired of climbing the cargo net? Have you always wanted to conquer the rope climb, but never felt you had the strength or technique to do so?… Read more »

EPIC Glow in the Dark Party!

We’re excited to announce something BRAND NEW from the EPIC Series Headquarters! Introducing the EPIC Glow in the Dark Party, benefiting Metugo!  Grab the #fitfam and cruise through the EPIC Course like you’ve never seen it before! 20 glow-in-the-dark, outrageously fun, family-friendly obstacles set on a course less than 1 mile! This party version of… Read more »

Qualcomm Recap

Another EPIC race in the books! Despite forecasts for windy, stormy weather, the clouds parted for our event and everyone got to run through a sunny, dry course! We set up in Qualcomm’s spacious parking lot for a change of terrain. There was plenty of free parking and lots of room to walk around, check… Read more »

Qualcomm ELITE Course WOD

Calling all ELITE Athletes! Here is your designated WOD for Qualcomm on February 18, 2017 in San Diego! Do you have what it takes to #beEPIC? As a reminder, before you can compete in the ELITE Course, you MUST complete the EPIC Course in the Competitive Waves first. This means that Males MUST complete all… Read more »

EPIC How-To: Kettlebell Step-Ups

The last EPIC Series event of the year is right around the corner! We want all you ELITE Course competitors to be as prepared as possible, so to show you the basic breakdown of the Kettlebell Step-Ups, we’ve got Ray Regno of CrossFit Stronghold in Point Loma to show you how it’s done! Ultimately the… Read more »

EPIC How-To: Sandbag Thrusters with Sprints

The next challenge we want to break down for you from the ELITE Course is the brand new Sandbag Thruster + Sprint challenge. Our friends Coach Ron and Coach Ryan over at Crossfit Hard Boiled in El Cajon, CA show you the correct sequencing and technique we’ll expect to see at EPIC Series San Diego… Read more »

EPIC How-To: Keg Lunge Walks

We’re getting pumped up for EPIC Series San Diego on December 17th, and we hope you are, too! We’re introducing some new or revised challenges into our ELITE Course this time, and we want to make sure you know what’s coming! We teamed up with Crossfit Boombox North in Escondido, California to help us show… Read more »

EPIC How-To: Handstand Walks

We’re getting ready for EPIC Series San Diego on December 17th, and we’ve thrown in some brand new challenges for the ELITE Course. One of these challenges is the beloved Handstand Walk. Now we know this particular challenge can be a little intimidating or even deterring (we do read your Facebook comments!), but have no… Read more »


EPIC Facts is back! Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to post interesting fitness facts you can use to impress your swolemates at the gym with. Let’s get down to it! Fun Fact #4: There were 267,000 fitness trainers and instructors in the U.S. in 2012. While the number of personal trainers is expected to grow… Read more »

EPIC Facts

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be throwing some astounding and amazing fun facts your way that may surprise you! Use of these fun facts is ideal for BBQs or group gatherings where you can impress everyone with your new, impressive fitness knowledge. Fun Fact #1: California has a reputation for having super-healthy, physically fit residents,… Read more »