Over the coming weeks, we’ll be throwing some astounding and amazing fun facts your way that may surprise you! Use of these fun facts is ideal for BBQs or group gatherings where you can impress everyone with your new, impressive fitness knowledge.

Fun Fact #1: California has a reputation for having super-healthy, physically fit residents, but it actually comes in 2nd in terms of its gym participation rate. Interestingly, it’s Colorado that takes top honors, with 21% of members heading to the gym on a regular basis.

Fun Fact #2: In the case of gym memberships, women are more commitment-phobic than men. The genders are roughly a 50-50 split in terms of who gets memberships, but guys have the edge when it comes to how many of them put theirs to work. Among those who joined a gym and dropped out within the first year, women accounted for 14 percent versus just 8 percent for men.

Fun Fact #3: Take a visit to your local gym and you’re likely to see a fair number of young people, but they’re not alone in their desire to improve their physiques. In fact, the average age of gym members as of 2010 was just over 40 years old!