We’re getting pumped up for EPIC Series San Diego on December 17th, and we hope you are, too! We’re introducing some new or revised challenges into our ELITE Course this time, and we want to make sure you know what’s coming!

We teamed up with Crossfit Boombox North in Escondido, California to help us show you how to do the KEG LUNGE WALK, featured in the ELITE Course next month. This is similar to the Lunge Walk challenges done in past ELITE Courses, except now instead of holding a barbell, you’ll be holding a keg.

As Coach Brit–owner of Boombox North–explains, the weight of your keg will vary depending on which division you’ve signed up for. Weight approximations are:

  • Men’s Strength Division: Approx 3/4 full (5 reps)
  • Men’s Endurance Division: Approx 1/2 full (10 reps)
  • Women’s Strength Division: Approx 1/2 full (5 reps)
  • Women’s Endurance Division: Approx 1/3 full (10 reps)

Rumor has it that we may use keg stands to hold the kegs off the ground so Athletes can simply roll the keg onto their shoulders, rather than having to lift the keg up from off the ground to put over their shoulders. This rumor has not been verified as fact, yet, though, so there’s a chance you may have to clean the keg first, like Coach Nick does in this video.

Key Technique Points:

  • In order for a rep to count, your knee MUST TOUCH THE GROUND each time you lunge.
  • You can either bring your feet together in the middle in between reps, or you can step straight through into the next lunge step.
  • Do Not shuffle step forward in between lunges. If you need to shift your weight, that’s fine, but it must be done in place before taking your next lunge step.

Training Progressions for All Levels:

  1. Start with bodyweight lunge walks with hands on hips to get the feel of the lunge walk.
  2. Progress to bodyweight lunge walks with hands interlaced behind your head.
  3. When you’re ready to add weight, you can start with dumbbells or kettlebells in each hand, lunge walking with arms straight down by your sides.
  4. Progress to holding a barbell behind your head, resting across your shoulders.
  5. Continue to add weight to your barbell as you continue to progress.
  6. If you have an actual keg, follow along with how Coach Nick gets the keg up off the ground and over his shoulders in the video, starting with an empty keg and progressively adding more water or sand to the inside of it.

In general, lunge walks are a great exercise to add into your fitness routine, regardless of whether you’re training for the EPIC Series ELITE Course, or for your own fitness goals!

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Keep an eye out for more How-To training videos coming your way soon!


More Info:

Crossfit Boombox North – Website
Escondido, CA