The last EPIC Series event of the year is right around the corner! We want all you ELITE Course competitors to be as prepared as possible, so to show you the basic breakdown of the Kettlebell Step-Ups, we’ve got Ray Regno of CrossFit Stronghold in Point Loma to show you how it’s done!

Ultimately the goal with the Kettlebell Step-Ups is to hold a kettlebell in each hand while stepping up one foot at a time onto a box to stand straight up at the top, then lower back down one foot at a time.

The weights and reps for each division are as follows:

  • Men’s ELITE Strength: 80 lbs in each hand, 5 reps
  • Men’s ELITE Endurance: 65 lbs in each hand, 10 reps
  • Women’s ELITE Strength: 65 lbs in each hand, 5 reps
  • Women’s ELITE Endurance: 45 lbs in each hand, 10 reps

The size of the box you’ll be stepping up onto is 20 inches tall.

Please note that exact weights are subject to change, but not by much.

As Ray explains, you may choose to alternate your step-up leg, or keep it the same the whole time. Both feet must be on top of the box at the top of your step-up, with full hip extension at the top. You must step back down on leg at a time; no jumping down will be permitted.

Looking forward to seeing you all crush it out there at EPIC Series San Diego on December 17th!

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More Info:

Crossfit Stronghold – Website
2176 Chatsworth Blvd, San Diego, CA