What’s the difference between the ELITE Course and the EPIC Course?
The ELITE Course and EPIC Course are two completely separate courses. The EPIC Course is longer, has more obstacles, and offers different difficulty level options at each obstacle. The ELITE Course is an optional course intended for competitive athletes to complete after they have finished the EPIC Course competitive waves. The ELITE Course is much shorter, has approximately 10 strength challenges incorporating heavier weights, barbells, kettlebells, Atlas Stones, and a truck pull. The ELITE Course is divided into two divisions: Strength (heavier weights, less reps) and Endurance (lighter weights, more reps). Weight standards are different for Men and Women. Athletes run through the ELITE Course individually with a judge and must complete the course within a certain amount of time.

Completing the EPIC Course in the competitive waves is a mandatory prerequisite to completing the ELITE Course.
What’s the difference between ELITE Strength and ELITE Endurance?
ELITE Strength division involves heavier weights and less repetitions.

ELITE Endurance division involves lighter weights with more repetitions.
How does the ELITE Course work?
Once an Athlete completes the EPIC Course in the competitive waves, they will then head over to the ELITE Check-In tent to check in. When it is their turn to compete, their judge will call them up to the ELITE Check-In tent and take them through their designated course lane. The Athlete will run the course individually with their assigned judge and have a certain amount of time in which to complete the entire course. Men and Women will have different weight standards for the Strength and Endurance divisions. The Top 3 Men and Women in both the Strength and Endurance divisions with the fastest combined EPIC Course + ELITE Course completion times will be given EPIC prizes during the Awards Ceremony!
How much does the ELITE Course cost?
Currently the ELITE Course costs $35 on top of the EPIC Course Competitive Wave price.
How do I sign up for the ELITE Course?
Go to the event Sign Up page and create an account. Select “EPIC Course + ELITE Course” from the registration options. Then select your EPIC Course Competitive Wave start time. If you want to join a team, create or join a team to the right of your selected EPIC Course competitive wave start time. Continue to the next page and follow the prompts. Later in the form you will be asked to select your ELITE Course start time from a drop-down menu. IMPORTANT: Make sure your ELITE Course start time selection reflects both your gender (Men or Women) and the division you want to compete in (Strength or Endurance). Continue through the form all the way to payment submission. Once payment is submitted, you’ll see a confirmation page and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail registered under your account.
Can I sign up to just do the ELITE Course only?
At this time, no. The ELITE course can only be attempted after you have completed the EPIC Course competitive waves.
Can I do both ELITE Strength and ELITE Endurance?
Yes! However, this takes some administrative magic to enter into the registration system correctly. To do this, simply sign up for the EPIC Course + ELITE Course registration option, go through the registration form, and sign up for either the ELITE Strength or Endurance course, then submit payment. After you’re finished, e-mail info@epicseriesocr.com and let them know you would also like to sign up for the other ELITE Course. Someone from the EPIC Team will get back to you with further instructions and most likely a magic spell.
What are the time penalties?
The initial Truck Pull has a time cap of 90-seconds, and a 2:30 time penalty if not completed within the time cap. All other obstacles to do not have individual time caps, but Athletes must complete the course within 15 minutes. If they do not, all obstacles not completed by the time 15 minutes has elapsed will receive a 2:30 time penalty per incomplete obstacle.
What happens if I can’t complete one of the ELITE Course challenges?
If you cannot complete an obstacle, then you cannot progress any further through the course until you finish the obstacle or the time cap for the ELITE Course elapses.
What do the winners get?
Aside from massive bragging rights, podium winners receive some EPIC awards to decorate their room or gym with, along with a swag bag full of products from our EPIC sponsors! First place winners receive an EPIC championship belt, and 2nd/3rd place winners get EPIC trophies.
How do I become an ELITE Course judge?
Please e-mail info@epicseriesocr.com with subject line “ELITE Course Judge” for more information.