How much is the Kids Course?
The KIDS Course costs $10 per kid.
Are there age restrictions on the Kids Course?
To ensure the safety of everyone that participates, the obstacles in the KIDS Course are intended for kids ages 7-12 years old.
The Kids Course was free; why are you charging now?
In previous events the KIDS Course was much smaller and had less obstacles. We have been working hard to grow and develop the KIDS Course to be even more EPIC with more obstacle challenges and two lanes to accommodate kids ages 7-9 and kids ages 10-12. As we expand the KIDS Course, we have decided to start charging a small fee for participants.
Why are there 2 age groups for the Kids Course?
There is a big growth difference between 7-year-old children and 12-year-old children. We wanted to make it challenging and fun for everyone and it makes sense to have two different levels of difficulty depending on age.
If my child is under 7 can I accompany them around the course?
The obstacles in the KIDS Course are intended for children ages 7-12 years old. At this time we are unable to allow children under the age of 7 onto the KIDS Course with or without a parent companion.
What does my child get for completing the course?
All participants in the KIDS Course receive an EPIC finisher medal, a smile they can’t wipe off their face, the irreplaceable feeling of accomplishment, and some pretty EPIC memories!
Can my child do the course more than once?
Yes! After a kid completes the KIDS Course for the first time, they will receive their EPIC finisher medal. After that, just like a ride at an amusement park, kids can jump back into line to run through the course as many times as they’d like! (Please note that each participant will only receive one finisher medal).