Another EPIC race in the books! Despite forecasts for windy, stormy weather, the clouds parted for our event and everyone got to run through a sunny, dry course! We set up in Qualcomm’s spacious parking lot for a change of terrain. There was plenty of free parking and lots of room to walk around, check out the different courses, hit up a ton of EPIC vendors, grab some food, and hang out!

We kicked things off with the EPIC Course Competitive Waves for the first hour of the event, where men had to complete all Advanced-level obstacles and women had to complete at least Intermediate-level obstacles. This included Atlas Stone Shrugs (M – 95# / W – 65#), Burpee Box Jumps, Overhead Squats, Rope Climbs, Keg Hoists, Tire Drags, Plank and Wall Squat stations (M – 3 min / W – 2 min), an Archery challenge, and a variety of walls to climb over and cargo net to crawl under. At the start and end of each lane of obstacles, Athletes then had to complete a challenge lap, carrying either a flag, slosh pipe, set of jerry cans, keg, or simply just sprint around the perimeter of the course. Once these Athletes completed the Competitive Waves, they received their well-deserved custom finisher medal and were then eligible to compete in the ELITE Course that day.

Following the Competitive Waves, Athletes of all different fitness levels set off to conquer the EPIC Course Open Waves, where they did the same course as the Competitive Waves but were free to choose any level option at each obstacle station.

The KIDS Course opened up and Junior Athletes ages 7-12 got to run through a miniature version of the adult course, running, jumping, climbing, crawling, lifting, and pushing their way to the Finish Line where they received a custom finisher award.

The ELITE Course also opened up and competitive Athletes took on 9 intense strength challenges individually with a judge monitoring them through their run through the course. Starting with a Truck Pull, Athletes tested their strength on challenges like the Push Press, Deadlift, Farmer Carry, Kettlebell Step-Ups, Atlas Stone Shrugs, Sandbag Lunge Walks, and more! Due to high winds experienced the night before and the uncertainty of the weather for the event, the Rope Climb was taken out for this event and replaced with a simple sprint to the finish.

There was an abundance of vendors offering tons of free samples and deals at this race, including FitAID, Perfect Bar, Naked Juice, Clearly Kombucha, Reebok FitHub, UFC Gym Mission Valley, Noosa Yoghurt, Kiin Athletic, Mobilitas, and more!

After all the race results were tallied up, the winners were announced with sweet prizes from our sponsors and some awesome trophies to take home. ELITE Course winners took home an EPIC Championship Belt! One particular Athlete who absolutely KILLED IT this event was Sofia Nyberg of Fit2Ripped gym! She registered for BOTH the Women’s ELITE Strength and ELITE Endurance courses, and took home BOTH championship belts on top of the 1st Place trophy for the Competitive Waves!

Check out all the winners here:

EPIC Course Competitive Waves (Ages 39 and under)

Men’s 1st Place – Mike Confer (MROC)
Men’s 2nd Place – Frankie Gonyea (Faster Fitness)
Men’s 3rd Place – Ivan Villarreal (NXPT)

Women’s 1st Place – Sofia Nyberg (Fit2Ripped)
Women’s 2nd Place – Kimberly Grana (Fitness on Fire)
Women’s 3rd Place – Breanne Basacker (NXPT)

EPIC Course Competitive Waves, Masters Category (Ages 40+)

Men’s 1st Place – Travis Allen (MROC)
Men’s 2nd Place – Tommy Ross
Men’s 3rd Place – Joe Paquette

Women’s 1st Place – Susana Beiza (NXPT)
Women’s 2nd Place – Lisa Brink (MROC)
Women’s 3rd Place – Dylin Baruso

ELITE Course, Strength Division

Men’s 1st Place – Frankie Gonyea (Faster Fitness)
Men’s 2nd Place – Alex Medina (Fit2Ripped)
Men’s 3rd Place – Travis Allen (MROC)

Women’s 1st Place – Sofia Nyberg (Fit2Ripped)
Women’s 2nd Place – Taylor Broderick (Fitness on Fire)
Women’s 3rd Place – Jessi Nahama (Fit2Ripped)

ELITE Course, Endurance Division

Men’s 1st Place – Mike Confer (MROC)
Men’s 2nd Place – Anthony St. George
Men’s 3rd Place – Mark Ledesma (Fit2Ripped)

Women’s 1st Place – Sofia Nyberg (Fit2Ripped)
Women’s 2nd Place – Breanne Basacker (NXPT)
Women’s 3rd Place – Kimberly Grana (Fitness on Fire)

Largest Team

Faster Fitness